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Batman 80th Anniversary Collection (DVD)

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Product Description

For 80 years, Gotham City has been a haven to the world’s most notorious criminals, and only one man has defeated them at every turn: Batman. Joker, Penguin, Harley Quinn and a host of other vile villains have all been thwarted by the Dark Knight. Join Robin, Catwoman, Jim Gordon and more as DC celebrates 80 years of the Caped Crusader with this 18-film collection.

  • Batman™: Gotham Knight: 73 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: Year One: 61 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: Under the Red Hood: 72 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: Bad Blood: 69 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™ VS. Robin: 77 Mins. Approx.
  • Son of Batman™: 71 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1: 73 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2: 73 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: Assault on Arkham: 69 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: The Killing Joke: 74 Mins. Approx./li>
  • Batman™: Gotham by Gaslight: 75 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™ Ninja: 82 Mins. Approx./li>
  • Batman™: Return of the Caped Crusaders: 75 Mins. Approx.
  • Batman™: Mask of the Phantasm: 77 Mins. Approx
  • Batman™: Mystery of the Batwoman: 72 Mins. Approx
  • Superman™Batman™: Public Enemies: 72 Mins. Approx.
  • Superman™Batman™: Apocalyspe: 75 Mins. Approx.

Region code:
Region 2
Release date:
23 September 2019

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