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Batman: The Animated Series (Blu-ray)

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All 109 action-packed episodes of Batman the Animated Series in High Definition.

Product Description

Get 10% OFF when you use code:WELCOME at checkout

Now in High Definition, all 109 action-packed episodes, 35 hours of crime fighting! The critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning series that redefined the complex super hero to the Dark Knight that fans love today is now available in a Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-ray set!

The impressive Batman: The Complete Animated Series package features approximately 2,700 minutes of entertainment spread over 10 Blu-ray discs, plus the two bonus discs – Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman and Mr Freeze: SubZero - not counting 11 specially-selected episodes with audio commentaries by cast and crew.

Special Features
All New Documentary - The Heart of Batman - A rare gathering of talent defined Batman for a generation. This hour-long documentary takes an in-depth look at the renowned storytellers behind the landmark series.

The Dark Knight's First Night Pilot Promo - Witness the 1991 Batman promo reel as producers Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski discuss the origins of Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman: The Legacy Continues Retrospective – DC luminaries join BTAS creators as they explore the combination of exquisite design and in-depth storytelling that helped create a once in a generation show.

Robin Rising: How the Boy Wonder's Character Evolved – The evolution of Dick Grayson from young ward to crime fighter. Gotham's Guardians: The Stalwart Supporting Characters – Batman is not the only hero safeguarding Gotham City. This documentary focuses on the importance of the Dark Knight's allies in the Batman mythology.

Voices of the Knight – Actors Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Adriene Barbeau, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., and Andrea Romano discuss the process of bringing their iconic characters to life.

Gotham's New Knight – Barbara Gordon swings into focus in this exciting look at Batman's trusted ally and equal, Batgirl.

In-Movie Experience – Behind the Scenes Twelve Arkham Asylym Featurettes, examining the Top Secret Case Files of the Dark Knight’s many foes. Concepting Harley Quinn (Featurette)

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