Batman: Soul of the Dragon [Mini-Figure Edition] (Blu-ray)


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Synopsis: Set in the midst of the swinging 1970s, this Elseworlds adventure finds Bruce Wayne training under a master sensei. It is here that Bruce, along with other elite students, is forged in the fire of the martial arts discipline. The lifelong bonds they form will be put to the test when a deadly menace arises from their past. It will take the combined efforts of Batman and world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva to battle the monsters of this world and beyond!
Bonus Features
Batman: Raw Groove-From the explosion of gritty cinema and kung fu to the cultural changes spreading across the U.S., we explore the early ’70s and how they inspired Batman: Soul of the Dragon
Producer Jim Krieg’s Far-Out Highlights
A Sneak Peek at the Next Animated DC Universe Movie: Justice Society World War II
A Preview of "Superman: Red Son"
A Preview of "Gotham By Gaslight"
From the DC Comics Vault: Batman: The Animated Series, "Day of the Samurai" and "Night of the Ninja"
Region Code: B (UK & Europe)
Cert: 15
Format: Blu-ray

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