Viva Las Vegas Film & Soundtrack (Blu-ray) (1964)


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From the Big House to the Big Time - Elvis-Style In the 1957 box-office hit that's "Presley Best Film," according to Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide, the King of Rock 'n'roll plays Vince Everett, jailed for manslaughter after a bar fight. There, Vince Learns to belt out tunes instead of saloon patrons and, after being paroled, follows a bumpy road to music and movie success. Six songs by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller spike the story, including "Treat Me Nice," "I Want to Be Free" and the shimmy-shakin' title tune "It's the beast in me," Elvis says adter kissing Peggy (Judy Tyler). It's the best in him too!

Cerification: U

Cast: Elvis Presley as Vince Everett. Judy Tyler as Peggy Van Alden. Mickey Shaughnessy as Hunk Houghton. Vaughn Taylor as Mr. Shores. Jennifer Holden as Sherry Wilson. Dean Jones as Teddy Talbot.

Director & Crew: Richard Thorpe. Writer: Guy Trosper (screenplay) Nedrick Young (story).

Runtime (mins): 97.

Subtitles: BD:- English SDH, French, Latin Spanish

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